My Plan for a Better Berkley

marquee-2.jpgThe residents of Berkley, including myself, have been asleep for far too long. We have allowed our current representatives to run without serious opposition, which in turn has allowed an attitude of complacency to set in at all levels of government. We need strong candidates that will make sure those that we elect have earned the right to be there and listen to the people.

My goals are to...

  • Listen to residents and business owners 
    No more calls to city council that go unanswered. I will make every effort to listen and respond to all people and all points of views.

  • Improve communication
    I want to make sure residents are informed about the things that will impact them and that city documents are easy to get. The early sharing of information helps everyone to work together to find the best solutions for Berkley.

  • Make sure Berkley's codes are enforced
    Make sure everyone is held to the same standard and everyone is protected.
  • Be fiscally responsible
    Make sure the city's money is spent wisely and we have plans in place for the long term care of our assets. 

  • Hold government accountable
    When a mistake is made, even if I make it, admit it, learn from it, and put in safeguards to prevent it in the future. No more making excuses. 

  • Let Berkley be Berkley
    We need to continue to change and adapt, but we need to do it in a way that respects the values that make Berkley great. I will not force my own agenda against the will of the people.

  • Engage with the community 
    I will continue the conversation after elected.